We believe in an elevated approach

on a popular concept that fills the need of families looking to feel welcome. As a business centered on family, it was our goal to improve upon the concept of a “Family Pizzeria”. We believed there was an opportunity to improve on this concept. At Wild Slice we concentrate our efforts on our foundation of high quality and unique pizza creations coupled with outrageous hospitality! We look for every opportunity to make the entire family feel welcome! As an example, our entire menu is open to the kids. All items on the menu are offered in a kid sized portion at half the price. Staying genuine to what we believe is also the reason why we look to serve our community every way possible. At Wild Slice, nothing is more important! How can we serve you today?!

Our purpose is to serve Families

Whether it’s in our restaurant or enjoying take out in the comfort of your own home, we believe our purpose is to SERVE the families of Roswell with outrageous hospitality so there is no mistake, our guest’s know we do it for them. We understand in today’s fast paced and on demand lifestyle, time and convenience are key. Technology is changing the way we do everything. Wild Slice embraces this and provides the dining experience families are desperately looking for. Our vision empowers us to provide a hospitable experience serving great tasting Pizza conveniently. How do we do that? We stay authentic to the values we believe in.

We Show that we care – look for every opportunity to show we care for our guests and our team members.
By Exceeding expectations – always provide more value than what’s expected.
Respecting everyone – understanding everyone’s opinion deserves respect.
Valuing people – embrace and appreciate the value of people.
And by Elevating spirits – every available opportunity, bring joy and happiness serving our guests.

We put families first

Although this concept is not a new one, it’s one we believe in – we are a family owned restaurant that serves guests not customers, team members not employees. We are a dining decision that embraces the WHOLE family. We are a restaurant that puts Family First in every decision we make. Wild Slice is a fast casual Family Pizzeria, because what family doesn’t come together over Pizza?!

A few years ago when the Thomas Family moved to Georgia from Nevada to be with family we fell in love with Roswell and all this community has to offer. It has always been our dream to open our pizzeria and serve the community in which we live. When we moved to Roswell we found our place and knew the time is right. We are PROUD to live in Roswell and we are PROUD to serve the Roswell community. Our roots are set and our kids will continue grow up here, play sports, take dance class and participate in community events. We hope that Wild Slice becomes a part of your family and this great community.